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Office Space & More…

Written by on 19 March 2019

The current room/studio/”broom cupboard” we have is just too difficult to work in because of it’s size. We are having to move furniture and stored Independence Live equipment out of the office everytime we have to setup for a radio show. Cables are getting tripped over, equipment getting damaged and it isn’t easy for guests or presenter to move about. Because the “broom cupboard” is shared between Independence Live & IndyLive Radio any radio show that goes out means everything stops for Independence Live work. We are hoping to move soon to another room that will be a bit bigger although it will cost. Ideally we obviously need 2 rooms.

SCHEDULE: We have Norrie Hunter & JJ (@jjs999jjs) doing live radio shows and we have Ray James (IndyPram) now doing us regular podcasts. Other Podcast involvements are from Unggaged (@_Ungagged) & The National plus more. As we keep saying it is still early days of better station. #IndyLiveRadio

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