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Radio Jammor is an anglo-Scot looking to share his passion for music along with his passionate support for Scottish Independence. His tastes range from 50s rock and roll to modern day pop. From Elvis to Lady Gaga, The Beatles to Blondie, The Alexander Brothers to Texas, and beyond. He likes nothing more than the great atmosphere and feeling you get at a great live gig, and has been known to find new music to support that way, as well through social media.

John has teamed up with Doctor Dave to create a tag-team of presenters to collaborate on the Relaxation Session and produce 2 hours back to back of great music.

Gerry is a long-standing member of the Independence Live collective (since July 2014). On Indy Live Radio, he presents the Musical Hugs music show every Wednesday from 7pm till 9pm. Gerry also curates the Irish Music Hour.

Music & Chat fae Doctor Dave! FREE! Eclectic selection of tunes for the times with EXTRA added nuance and nonsense. NEW! Requests, dedications and defamations to 07507 248856 clearly marked: “for the Doc.”

I’m a Freelance Journalist , Public Speaker Radio Presenter/commentator on disability issues and do monthly podcasts.

The Saturday show 3 hours of music & chat. We are always looking for new artists to feature.

Presenter of 'Music and Musics with Steve B'.