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Holyrood 2021

You only need to be on social media for a few minutes to find tweets and posts expressing frustration at the lack of action on independence from ScotGov, SNP, Nicola Sturgeon…. even to the point where some people think the First Minister isn’t interested in independence any more. But it’s always a good move to […]

We’re now 28 days out from the Holyrood Election on May 6th. We have had five polls now. The Survation poll done on 29/30March gave us the baseline voting intentions. Now we can add in another four polls from 1st, 4th, 6th and 7th April: Constituency Voting Intentions: . Regional Voting Intentions . Prediction from […]

The Survation poll from 30 March gives us a baseline for how the parties are doing in the Holyrood campaign. Their fieldwork was done on 29-30 March. It finds: the SNP ahead in both constituency and list votes, on 49% and 37% respectively. the Tories sit on 21% and 18% , neck and neck with […]