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Secrets of the British state with Clive Ponting, Colin Milne and Keith Brown MSP

Clive Ponting, Colin Milne and Keith Brown 9 March 2019

Keith Brown MSP in conversation with Clive Ponting and Colin Milne

There is growing evidence that many of the people who rejected independence are reconsidering their position due largely to recent events. Our evening is to give people the opportunity to hear from two people who have worked within the British establishment and how they arrived at a similar view with regard to the constitutional question. They are from different parts of the UK.
  • Colin Milne was born and educated in Dollar and Aberdeen University, served in the Royal Navy and is on the board of Dollar Academy Colin. He served in The Falklands and the Gulf during the Iran-Iraq war. After leaving the Royal Navy he flew helicopters in the North Sea, was elected member of BALPA the Pilots union and gave evidence on helicopter safety to a House of Commons committee.
  • Clive Ponting was a high ranking civil servant in the Thatcher era and later became a reader in politics and international relations at Swansea University, he has published 15 books on world history, environmental history and twentieth century politics.
  • Clive was at the centre of the controversy over the sinking of the Argentine warship the Belgrano. and was arrested following the leaking of documents to Tam Dalyell MP.
  • He was then put on trial and despite the efforts of the judge and the British establishment to find him guilty the jury acquitted him.