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   Victoria and Drew discuss a wide range of topics including : What does Fit for Work’ mean in UK? Britain’s attitude to Medicinal Cannabis. Westminster ‘Veracity’ and Fact checking. PGI  And Scottish Whisky. Should Independence minded Scottish MP’s refuse to sit in parliament. and more .. You can follow Victoria on Twitter @Indyref25

Victoria ‘New Scot for IndyRef’ Discusses the American Healthcare System. You can follow Victoria on Twitter @Indyref25

 KG Show With Guests Pat Lee and Raimond Dijkstra of Netherlands Rally For Scottish Independence. Pat was also the Organiser of the BBC Bias Protests.

Guests: 1) Emma Cockburn from Scottish CND 2) Ailsa Connel from Navy Not Nuclear.

The Norrie Hunter show of 10 May 2019 with Guests: Kim Nicoll from Stirling WFI Sion Jobbins from AUOB Wales George Gunn on the launch of Yes Caithness