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The polls are open….. it’s snowing, raining, sleety, chilly in some places….. sunny, well sunny periods, in others. Never mind the weather! Go and vote. You can tune in to IndyLive Radio on 7th and 8th May for our election coverage. Here are the final polling predictions….. Election Polling provides a prediction based on weighted […]

Since the Holyrood election campaign began, six weeks ago, our Daytime Show team have been keeping you informed about the polls, the polling patterns and the polling anomalies. The latest polling results are here. We asked to three guests for their views on polling. And we asked them questions sent in from listeners. Prof Sir […]

Over the past few months, our Daytime Show team have talked Holyrood candidates from all over the country, from independence supporting Parties: SNP, Scottish Greens, ISP & Alba. ISP of course stood their candidates down when Alba was launched. We also talked to one candidate standing as an Independent. Here are those guests… Listen to […]

Here are how the Scottish Polls have been stacking up since the Holyrood campaign began Constituency Voting Intention Regional List Voting Intentions Holyrood Seat Prediction using a weighted average of polls from 20-30th April , as calculated by Election Polling The Alba Party Polling Anomaly The three Panelbase polls included in this array of polls […]

The Alba Party has launched and announced its candidates for the List Vote in next month’s Holyrood Elections. With the arrival of Alba two other new parties, AFI and ISP, have decided to withdraw their candidates. This week Valerie and Marlene, our Daytime Show hosts, spoke to two of the Alba candidates, Lynne Anderson and […]