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This week’s Yes Spotlight ….comes courtesy of Glasgow Pensioners4Indy who invited Isobel Lindsay to speak about what advance thinking needs to be done on the possible security threats and how to defend ourselves against those. Having a nuclear arms base and a nuclear warhead store on the Clyde is one threat facing an iScotland but […]

Bill Austin worked for over 40 years in UK Customs & Borders services. He advised newly independent nations on best practice in setting up their own services. Now he is an advocate of what Customs & Borders services could be like in an independent Scotland. Clue: they’d be much better than the current UK setup. […]

Yes Group Spotlight Today Lady Carmichael’s decision is published on the Keatings Section 30 Case in the Court of Session. So good timing that we’re featuring Yes East Kilbride’s meeting from 10th December 2020 to discuss the subject of Section 30 as a likely way ahead for independence. On their discussion panel were Angus MacNeil […]

Imagine …. … that income tax, council tax, VAT, National Insurance, corporation tax, inheritance tax and more are abolished. And instead of benefits like Universal Credit and tax credits, every Scot, adults and children, received a basic income of £10,000 and some – like pensioners or people unable to work – got a top-up as […]

In October 2020, Grassroots Oban organised an online meeting to listen to the Trustees of Constitution for Scotland. The Trustees have worked with others over a number of years to write the draft of a Model Constitution. What they need now is for as many Scots to get involved, read the draft, make suggestions, leave […]