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Changing Minds

Our new series Changing Minds focussed on music last week. The programme was called The Power of Music looking at music as an influence for social and political change. There is history for this. The Estonian independence movement was called The Singing Revolution. Catalans have strong musical connections in their independence movement. And here in […]

The first in our new series Changing Minds went out today and featured former BBC journalist, Ken MacDonald, speaking to Yes Skye & Lochalsh. And I’ll just take the opportunity here to say sorry to the Lochalsh folk for leaving them off the live programme details. It won’t happen again. Ken talks for about 30 […]

We have a new series! It’s called “Changing Minds – Moving Forward“. It goes out on Wednesdays from 11am – 1pm. And it’s repeated on Thursdays from 5-7pm. Here we are in spring of 2021, and there have been almost two dozen polls showing majority support for Scottish Independence. And here in IndyLive Radio team we’ve […]