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The Power of Music

Written by on 2 April 2021

Our new series Changing Minds focussed on music last week. The programme was called The Power of Music looking at music as an influence for social and political change.

There is history for this. The Estonian independence movement was called The Singing Revolution. Catalans have strong musical connections in their independence movement. And here in Scotland we are not far behind with the extent of our traditional music, old and new.

The programme featured two members of a new but very active group called Singing for an Independent Scotland. There is an interview with IndyLive Radio’s own Gerry Mulvenna talking about his connections with Catalonian music. And we also speak to Iona Fyfe, a Scottish singer, who has persuaded Spotify to include Scots as a language option. Iona has just run a very successful campaign to crowdfund her new album of Scots songs. And her new single, a cover of “Scotland Yet” is out now.

You can listen here: