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Section 30? Or What?

Written by on 5 February 2021

Yes Group Spotlight

Today Lady Carmichael’s decision is published on the Keatings Section 30 Case in the Court of Session. So good timing that we’re featuring Yes East Kilbride’s meeting from 10th December 2020 to discuss the subject of Section 30 as a likely way ahead for independence. On their discussion panel were Angus MacNeil SNP MP, Julie McNulty of ISP, and Craig Murray, former diplomat.

Gwen Sinclair of the East Kilbride Group introduces the topic and then each of the panel speaks for about 15 minutes. After that they respond to questions from the audience.

You can listen here:

Some of the Questions:

  • Why do we have to ask permission to leave a voluntary Union?
  • Will a successful result in the Martin Keatings case force the hand of the gradualist section of the SNP? (Since this event, Lady Carmichael has ruled against the case leaving the door open for an appeal. You can see Martin Keatings’ response and read Lady Carmichael’s decision.)
  • How do ISP propose to gain a foothold in MSM news reporting so that the average voter gains become aware of their existence?
  • Why don’t we reconvene our Parliament in full, rather than being a devolved Parliament?
  • Why did ScotGov attempt to sabotage Martin Keating’s the People’s Section 30 Court Case?
  • Would Angus approve of an amendment to PlanB whereby the final section 30 request is made, say, in made in Feb 2021, to focus minds?
  • Why wait for a Section 30? They are getting their way, we want our way, we voted to stay in EU.
  • Do you think we still have a devolved Parliament in 2026?
  • Do you think passing of Spy Cops Bill has implications for the independence struggle?
  • Do you think EU will become more vocal in support of Scottish independence? And would that change the minds of no voters?
  • Could we have declare independence and then have a confirmatory referendum?
  • When the proof that we can declare independence exists, why are we waiting?
  • Is there someone primed to be Scotland’s representative at the UN?
  • Do panel think tactical voting at next election will advance the cause for independence?

Thanks very much, Yes East Kilbride, for letting us broadcast your event!

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