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Gravity Waves Show 011 – Leaving Earth

Written by on 9th May 2020

Gravity Waves Show 011 – Leaving Earth

First airing: Sunday 3rd May 2020 at 2 pm. Repeated every Mondays 9 pm, Fridays at 2 am and Sundays at 2 pm.

Next Show (012): Sunday 7th June 2020 at 2 pm.

Leaving Earth is about a journey through solar system with a trip to the Moon, then a dive to the Sun and followed by a journey outwards into interstellar space.

Track listing

Intro: An TalamhEarth (DJ Zen)AsuraAltar Records2010000:01:0500:01:05
Leaving EarthPale Blue Dot, A Tribute To Carl SaganBenn JordanAlphabasic200800:01:3700:04:3600:02:59
Mare CrisiumThe Geometry Of NightS.E.T.I.Incoming!199600:04:2600:12:4900:08:23
March Of The Lunar PriestsEarth (DJ Zen)RaAltar Records201000:12:5000:20:4600:07:56
An Ending (Ascent)ApolloBrian EnoEditions EG198300:20:4000:24:5600:04:16
SundiveIntermittent Memories (By Pete Pan)IshqCelestial Dragon Records200700:25:3500:37:1900:11:44
Sunshine (Adagio in D Minor)SingleJohn MurphySelf-Release201300:37:1800:41:5900:04:41
Mercury RisingThe LightsArc of DovesAY201000:42:0100:47:0200:05:01
VenusVenusSuduayaAltar Records201600:46:5800:54:4100:07:43
Mars CallingWorlds Beyond NumberRichard deHoveSelf-Release200600:54:4201:06:2400:11:42
Asteroid BeltsInto The StarsarcaansSelf-Release202001:06:2501:11:0400:04:39
Passing JupiterChronos: The Battle ForTextual BeingCold Fiction Music201101:11:5701:18:4400:06:47
Ring of SaturnTrip to IllusionWellenfeldSynGate200601:18:4201:26:3800:07:56
UranusAtlas: Space (Deluxe)Sleeping At LastSelf-Release201701:26:3501:30:5100:04:16
Trip to NeptuneAd Astra (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Max Richter, Lorne Balfe, Nils FrahmDeutsche Grammophon201901:30:4401:35:4000:04:56
HeliopauseHeliopauseAnne MüllerErased Tapes Records201901:37:0601:42:2000:05:14
Towards Proxima CentauriOort CloudPhobiumOmnitropic201301:42:1401:54:5900:12:45
Interstellar – Main ThemeThe Hans Zimmer Collection Vol 2 (By Geek Music)Hans ZimmerGeek Music201401:55:0001:59:0300:04:03
Outro: An TalamhEarth (DJ Zen)AsuraAltar Records201001:59:0302:00:0000:00:57