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Young Scots for Independence

Written by on 12th March 2020

On Valentine’s Day, we invited Cailyn McMahon and Charlotte Armitage to be guests on the Daytime Show. Cailyn and Charlotte are very active members of Young Scots for Independence (YSI). They are Women’s Officer and Equalities Officer for YSI and have been acting as a team over these two areas. At least they were in those posts when we talked to them. Since then they have been elected as National Convenor (Cailyn) and National Vice Convenor (Charlotte) of YSI. Congratulations! we think you are two very impressive young women.

Here is the link to our conversation with them.

Here’s what we talked about. It’s a lot!

Part 1: Becoming Activists

  • their thoughts in 2014 during Indy campaign
  • what led them to become active in Yes movement?
  • first door chapping was character building!
  • challenges for young women canvassing and the support they had from older women
  • how does leaving Scotland EU affect them?
  • higher education opportunities like Erasmus are likely off the table
  • Bexit is personal as well as political, it reaches into people’s lives, and some families are being torn apart
  • in their generation, almost everyone has friends in other countries, and some of them are feeling very insecure now ,
  • Scotland is giving a lot of support to EU nationals but re Brexit, the Scottish Government isn’t the one which is closing doors. The only way they can stay in this country is if we vote for independence 

Part 2: Scotland Is Waking Up

  • the path that Scotland is choosing is now undeniably different from the path being chosen by the rest of the UK
  • Scotland is a sleeping giant but it’s waking up!
  • civic groups now coming out in support of a second referendum
  • people are feeling that their future is in jeopardy. 
  • “Once in a generation”  – what did that mean?
  • Scottish media mostly doesn’t support independence. But a new generation at the forefront of the Yes movement isn’t looking to that mainstream media for their news.  
  • different voting patterns for younger and older voters. What can we do to bridge that? 
  • setting up an Intergenerational Video Project.

Part 3: Change Must Come

  • Change must come. Importance of having positive slogans. 
  • we needed the zeitgeist to incorporate the assumption that Scotland will be independent. And now it has.
  • the journey from No to Maybe is crucial, when your mind is more open and more critical. 
  • recognising our own standards and progressive expectations for our country is also crucial as is being ready to stand up for those. 
  • are we finally overcoming the “Scottish cringe”?
  • seeing the way that EU countries are responding to Scotland is affirming our aspirations. Valentine’s Day from two Danish journalists saying Scotland We Love You!
  • World is fascinated with Scotland.
  • can we set up intergenerational Days of Actions? 
  • YSI as a campaigning machine – not just Scotland also in Catalonia, in USA primaries….
  • Launch of a multi-party Generation Yes project later in 2020