Embed Indy Live Radio in a Facebook Page

To embed the Indy Live Radio Player in a Facebook Page the given page needs 2000 or more Likes. This has been set by Facebook to allow Static Page creation which is required for an embed. 1) Go to: https://apps.facebook.com/static_html_plus/ 2) Click green button “ Add Static HTML to a Page ”. 3) Click drop down “ Facebook Pages ” & select the page you would like to add Indy Live Radio. 4) Click on the green button “ Edit tab “. 5) Click in the form beneath the tab “ index.html “, remove default text & paste the following: 6) Click the blue button “ Save & Publish “ above on right. *** WELL DONE YOU HAVE ADDED A NEW PAGE TO YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE WITH THE EMBEDDED INDY LIVE PLAYER! *** However… you will notice that there is a new menu on the left hand side at bottom called “Welcome”. If you click that menu you will see the new page with player. What you want to do now is change “Welcome” to “Indy Live Player…” and move the menu up yourmenu list. To do this just follow the following instructions… Find and click “Settings” which is near the top right of your page. Find and click “Templates and Tabs” menu on left, near top. Find “Welcome” which will be at the bottom & click the button “Settings”. Locate and click link “Edit Settings” & then for “Custom Tab Name” enter “Indy Live Radio…” and click button “Save”. The name may not change imediately so just grab the “Welcome” (or if it has changed name “Indy Live Radio…” and drag it to a location further up.

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