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Grassroots Oban Spotlight! The Economy & A Clean Currency

Written by on 31 August 2020

The Economy & A Clean Currency for an Independent Scotland – with Julian Smith

This talk by Julian Smith is an introduction to a series of online events based on the economic ideas developed by Andy Anderson. It covers two subjects of crucial importance as we approach an independent Scotland. What kind of economic system do we want to design for our country? And what currency will be our best option?

Julian took questions from his online audience at intervals during the talk. We are very pleased that Grassroots Oban and Julian agreed to share this material with IndyLive Radio. It was broadcast today and you can listen to it again here:

You can find out more about Andy Anderson and order copies of his books from his blog. If you are interested in joining the other online events in this series, please contact Andy Anderson at this email address:

If you are interested in looking further into economics and currency, Julian recommends these resources:

  • Common Weal have published various books and policy papers, including: How to Launch a Scottish Currency and How to Start a New Country. Unfortunately, their bookshop is closed for the time being because of the Covid crisis.
  • Dr Tim Rideout has good material in his website Reserve Bank
  • George Kerevan writes on economics for Bella Caledonia and the National. Also John S. Warren.
  • Prof. Richard Murphy writes in his blog Tax Research
  • Believe in Scotland have created a lot of resources on Scotland’s economy and natural resources.
  • MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) Scotland. Series of Phantom Power videos on YouTube. You can find them here.
  •  Search for Clean Scottish Currency) A short film on YouTube produced by Jim Manclark and members of Yes East Ayrshire.