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Daytime Show: The Pollsters

Written by on 3 May 2021

Since the Holyrood election campaign began, six weeks ago, our Daytime Show team have been keeping you informed about the polls, the polling patterns and the polling anomalies. The latest polling results are here. We asked to three guests for their views on polling. And we asked them questions sent in from listeners.

Prof Sir John Curtice talked about tactical voting in the List, the outlook for List-only Parties, the effect of Brexit on Yes support. And much more!

We asked James Kelly of Scot Goes POP! about some of his recent articles in The National with a roundup of constituencies around the country.

Mark McGeoghegan, a professional pollster, told us about how polls work and their limitations, anomalies in Party support that sometimes emerge from different polling companies’ polls and why that might be, and more about tactical voting. Mark also told us about his own journey from No-to-Yes.

You’ll find their interviews in our Soundcloud Holyrood Voting Strategies playlist.

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