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On 23 March, we asked Dr Philippa Whitford, MP if she’s do a guest spot on IndyLive Radio to talk about the coronavirus situation. She talk to use for nearly an hour. Here is the audio. After it is a summary of the topics she covered. It is now three weeks since we spoke to […]

In February we broadcast the final part of our Climate Change Interviews. This featured Justin Kenrick and Eva Schonveld both of whom were involved in setting up Extinction Rebellion (XR) Scotland. Though as you’ll hear in the interview they are involved in a great deal of other activities. Their drive through from Edinburgh, on one […]

On Valentine’s Day, we invited Cailyn McMahon and Charlotte Armitage to be guests on the Daytime Show. Cailyn and Charlotte are very active members of Young Scots for Independence (YSI). They are Women’s Officer and Equalities Officer for YSI and have been acting as a team over these two areas. At least they were in […]

David Pratt – Interviewed on Indylive Radio’s Daytime Show on Wednesday 26 February, 2020 by Valerie Gauld and Jilly Giffen. We were absolutely delighted to get the chance to talk to David Pratt prior to the première screening of his film “Pictures from  Afghanistan” on Sunday 1 March as part of the Glasgow Film Festival. […]

Last week the Times headlined an academic report – Scotland’s EU Blueprint – about the ease or otherwise for an independent Scotland to join the EU. This is the headline: We did an expose of this on the Daytime Show on 21 Feb. You can listen to it here: So to summarise: when you read […]