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Last week the Times headlined an academic report – Scotland’s EU Blueprint – about the ease or otherwise for an independent Scotland to join the EU. This is the headline: We did an expose of this on the Daytime Show on 21 Feb. You can listen to it here: So to summarise: when you read […]

This week saw the first of our series of interviews on the Climate Emergency. Robin McAlpine, Director of Commonweal, came into the studio to talk about their “Our Common Home” plan which lays out a very comprehensive and costed Green Deal Programme for Scotland. As Robin says, it’s a massive engineering project and what are […]

On the live show, we have begun highlighting some of the misinformation, spin, fake news and dodgy data about Scotland that plagues the news & social media. Our first example was last week and was about A&E statistics. You can find that here. This week’s dodgy data was picked up from a tweet by a […]

Just watch this… Warning : it’s likely tae gie ye the boak. It pains me to do it but let’s go through what was asked and answered (this is copied with permission from WeegieFifer)

Been watching all the posts from the March on Twitter and Facebook and reckon this is one of the best, from our own Val! Make sure you’ve got the video sound switched on….. I was at home with a tummy bug and had to miss the March 🙁🙁. But I got the flag out the […]