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Imagine …. … that income tax, council tax, VAT, National Insurance, corporation tax, inheritance tax and more are abolished. And instead of benefits like Universal Credit and tax credits, every Scot, adults and children, received a basic income of £10,000 and some – like pensioners or people unable to work – got a top-up as […]

Here at IndyLive Radio we are proud of the broadcasting material we create, the interviews we set up, and the Yes Group Events that we record and put out on air. As a result we have amassed a very large IndyLive Radio Archive. What we do have concerns about is how to make that Archive [...]

In October 2020, Grassroots Oban organised an online meeting to listen to the Trustees of Constitution for Scotland. The Trustees have worked with others over a number of years to write the draft of a Model Constitution. What they need now is for as many Scots to get involved, read the draft, make suggestions, leave […]

……. Westminster and Brexit Britain Our Daytime Show team, Val Gauld and Marlene Halliday, recently interviewed Alison Thewliss, MP for Glasgow Central. They opened by asking her what it’s like working down in the Commons at this time of Brexit legislation, Brexit negotiations, Brexit deadlines, level-playing fields and fishing quotas. You can listen to the […]

…. Our Indy Panel has a look at their findings. Some while back Channel4 News ran an item reporting back from a focus group of some fifteen Scots who had voted No in 2014. They were asked where they stood now on independence. In a nutshell where they stood was: four are now for Yes, […]