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As well as providing information and entertainment 24/7 to the Yes Movement, Indylive Radio’s main purpose is to act as a platform and vehicle for the inevitable IndyRef 2 campaign.

Our survey told us that you wanted new programmes, preferably some from around the country, not just Glasgow. IndyLive Radio is delighted to announce three NEW shows coming to our radio station

Last week in our series of interviews about the Coronavirus impacts and the way forward for Scotland, we talked to Robin McAlpine, director of Commonweal. This was always going to come. It might have been a financial crisis, or climate crisis, or food interruptions. It’s happened as a virus. We had a vulnerable economy. Our […]

We have a new political party in Scotland. The Electoral Commission has formally approved the Independence for Scotland Party. Valerie Gauld and Marlene Halliday talked to its leader, Colette Walker. Here are some of the points they raised with Colette: Why did you set the Independence for Scotland party up? Are you standing for the […]

Here is our first newsletter. Enjoy!