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A more recent addition to our programme schedule is the Pensioners for Independence Podcast series. There are a dozen or so P4Indy groups around Scotland and during the lockdown they have moved to having meetings and talks online. And they don’t mind sharing their talks and events with us. Thank you! We broadcast the podcasts […]

This week, on the Daytime Show, Val and Marlene talked to Caroline Welsh. Caroline supports independence and was one of the group of lawyers who started up Lawyers for Yes in the 2014 referendum campaign. Caroline has in-depth experience and legal expertise in child protection and human rights. She has specialised in child law, human […]

Today our Daytime Live programme interviewed Michael Gray. Michael is one of the founder members of ‘Skotia’ a new media enterprise. So far they have mainly produced short, snappy videos that get lots and lots of views on social media. And there is evidence that Skotia is reaching Scots who are as yet undecided on […]

Scotland’s Additional Member voting system is generating a lot of attention these days. It’s possible that we will have a choice of more than SNP and Scottish Greens next year if we want to vote for independence supporting parties. Is this a good thing? Is it a tactic that can bring about it’s stated aim […]

A week ago, we interviewed Roza Salih, a New Scot who came to Scotland with her family from Kurdistan 19 years ago. As a teenager she became famous as one of the ‘Glasgow Girls’ who protested on behalf of their friend’s family who were taken away in a dawn raid for forced repatriation. The local […]