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……. how Scotland can increase its pubic revenue collections When I first read about Annual Ground, Floor & Roof Rent (AGFRR), I thought it read like one of those magic money trees that the Tories are so fond of telling us don’t exist. Is it just a lovely fiction? Graeme McCormick is the man who […]

…… for St Andrews Day Have you ever been out for walk and found a painted stone with an Indy message on it? Like this one: Well this year, one million Yes Stones have been designed and painted by the 8,500 strong Yes Stones people! and they will all be ‘planted’ around Scotland in time […]

Four things to consider in times of great uncertainty. A few weeks back we asked Roger Mullin to come on the Daytime Show. He talked to us about what he thinks the main considerations facing Scotland as we emerge from the covid pandemic and strive to regain our independence. Roger began talking about uncertainty. Uncertainty […]

Three interviews with three very different ways of adapting to the new normal. For a while now Val and Marlene, our Daytime Show co-hosts, have found themselves returning to the subject of how Yes Groups are dealing with the new normal situation that we all find ourselves in. Are Yes Groups doing any street campaigning? […]

A Modern Customs & Excise Service for an Independent Scotland. Everything you need to know about Borders and Customs…. from an expert, Bill Austin. Yes Southside Glasgow asked Bill Austin to speak at their inaugural online meeting. He spoke about “Borders and Customs” and then answered lots of very pertinent questions from the Southsiders. You […]