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Spreading Our Wings

Written by on 27th May 2020

Fiona McGregor is one of our team at IndyLive Radio. As well as producing the ClacksWFI podcasts, and being a regular contributor on our Daytime Shows, Fiona is also part of our promotions team. She’s sent us this news about where you can find all our broadcasts, podcasts, archives:

As I write this we are still in lockdown, but with some glimmers of hope that some relaxations may soon be on the horizon. Here at IndyLive Radio we have being putting our enforced home time to good use, learning how to broadcast remotely, keeping in touch via Zoom meetings and our team chatroom.

As well as providing information and entertainment 24/7 to the Yes Movement, Indylive Radio’s main purpose is to act as a platform and vehicle for the inevitable IndyRef 2 campaign. With this in mind we are focused on ironing out technical teething troubles and on growing our listener base in as many different channels as we can. When a campaign is announced, we want to be in a position where we can spring into action.

As well as our schedule of live broadcasting, including catch up recording accessible from the website, we also have:

  • Scottish Independence Podcasts – this is our podcast channel with a selection of IndyLive Radio podcast shows. You can also use Apple, itunes or wherever you get your podcasts.
  • IndyLive Radio on Soundcloud – this is where we host various playlists featuring guest interviews from the Daytime Shows.
  • Indylive Radio Youtube Channel – this is a brand new venture to make our information available to a wider audience. We are still adding shows to this, but please pop over and have a look 
  • Instagram – Independence Live have an instagram channel that they only use for streaming events, so Indylive Radio is going to start adding visual content and artwork to tie in with some of our shows. We have a talented Scottish political cartoonist who has offered to share her work with us, so look out for some more original artwork coming soon.
  • Facebook/Twitter – keep up to date with news about our shows plus the odd bit of political commentary and posting on our Facebook page at Indy Live Radio We are also active on Twitter: @IndyLiveRadio

None of us know when the next referendum campaign is going to be launched, but let’s not waste this time – please visit our new channels above, like them, subscribe, share and retweet and let’s see if we can get ourselves linked up and well-informed in readiness. Ask your friends if they have heard of Indylive.Radio and if not, direct them to our website, or to any of our channels above


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