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Our Additional Member Voting System

Written by on 22nd July 2020

Scotland’s Additional Member voting system is generating a lot of attention these days. It’s possible that we will have a choice of more than SNP and Scottish Greens next year if we want to vote for independence supporting parties.

Is this a good thing? Is it a tactic that can bring about it’s stated aim of increasing the number of Indy-supporting MSPs? Or might it allow in Union supporting parties to gain seats instead? Would it skew the spread of party representation in Holyrood away from proportionality? If it did skew the result, is that something that we actually want?

The place to begin is to familiarise ourselves with how our Additional Member voting system actually works. The video below lays out how the system works and whether voting tactically is likely to be successful. It’s from 2016 and it’s by James Kelly of Scot Goes POP blog.

James, of Scot Goes POP blog, will be on the Daytime Show on Friday 25 July. Our other guest is Dave Thompson, former MSP and now supporting the setting of other List parties to attempt to increase the number independence supporting MSPs. Dave has left the SNP to set up the Alliance for Independence Party (AFI) tweeting as @AllianceForIndy

Tune in at 11.30 on Friday. You can join our Discord Public Chat and post questions for James and Dave.