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New Normal Campaigning

Written by on 19th November 2020

Three interviews with three very different ways of adapting to the new normal.

For a while now Val and Marlene, our Daytime Show co-hosts, have found themselves returning to the subject of how Yes Groups are dealing with the new normal situation that we all find ourselves in.

Are Yes Groups doing any street campaigning? Or are people wary of starting that up again? Those that are on the streets, how do they keep themselves safe? And are new ways of campaigning emerging?

So this week’s Daytime Show has three interviews:

The first is about the National Banner Library

… talking to Ruth Barret of Grassroots Oban who came up the the idea; to Irene Stacey of InverYess, and to Sheena Stephens of Greater Glasgow Pensioners for Indy. The Banner Library is what it sounds like: a group joins the library for a fee of £150 and that gives them access to five banners which they can swap around with other groups who are signed up to the library. Here are some of the banners:

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The second interview is with Lorne and Campbell of Yes Berwickshire.

Their group has restarted campaigning on bridges over the A1 just north of the Border! Here’s a photo of them:

The third interview is with Eileen Budd who is an illustrator and video creator.

She creates 60 sec videos. Some of them feature ordinary Scots who are not in the history books or on TV but who have done some extraordinary things in their lives. And some of the videos feature topics that are important in the campaign for independence. You can watch one of her 60sec videos by clicking on the image. Make sure you have your sound on!

Catch the Show this Friday 20th Nov at 11am and Saturday 21st Nov at 7pm.