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Colette Walker talks to us about the newly formed Independence for Scotland Party

Written by on 16th May 2020

We have a new political party in Scotland. The Electoral Commission has formally approved the Independence for Scotland Party. Valerie Gauld and Marlene Halliday talked to its leader, Colette Walker.

Here are some of the points they raised with Colette:

  • Why did you set the Independence for Scotland party up?
  • Are you standing for the List seats only?
  • Pete Wishart is arguing in the National today that new Parties could cost an Indy majority, arguing that trying to game the D’Honte voting system could damage the info movement. What’s your response to his view?
  • The Scottish Green Party is already an independence supporting party which is well-established and with their own set of policies. How could you convince people who maybe give the Greens their List vote to give it to you? 
  • Does IPfS intend to stand candidates in all regions and how will candidates and policy emerge?
  • Do your policies differ from the SNP? 
  • What are your next steps? How do you see things developing over the next few months? 
  • Have you done any working through the numbers? What do you think might be a realistic number of MSPs to aim for?
  • There are other similar parties which are emerging as standing as List seats. Have thought how you might interact with them? have you reached out to them? Any idea of an alliance with them?

You can listen to the interview here:

Colette finished by saying

This is time to move forward. This is time for Scotland to utilise everything we have up here and not let it be demoralised and diminished by Westminster.

Colette Walker, leader of the Independence for Scotland Party, 11 May 2020, on IndyLive Radio

Here at IndyLive Radio, we don’t endorse any specific political party. Wishing you well with your new venture, Colette. We look forward to hearing how things develop.