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Belive in Scotland

Written by on 4th October 2020

Last weekend our Daytime Show hosts, Val and Marlene, attended an online conference for Yes Groups set up by the new campaigning initiative “Believe in Scotland.” And they invited Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp on to this Friday’s Daytime Show to talk about that new initiative, about the conference and what may come from it.

You can listen to Gordon here:

Some of what we talked to Gordon about:

  • People’s trust in the economic strength of an independent Scotland has flipped with a majority now trusting it.
  • And in a recent poll, 95% of businesses leaders in UK say that Scottish independence isn’t a problem for their business.
  • So the challenge now isn’t about economic argument, it’s about convincing more people to Yes by focussing on our values as an independent nation.
  • Believe in Scotland (BiS) is first of five initiatives to talk to people who are not yet convinced about independence.
  • And what BiS does going forward will be led by input from Yes Groups. And that has already started using the polling from the weekend conference.
  • For months now we have seen polls showing over 50% support for Yes. The BiS poll showed 55% – a reversal of the 2014 referendum result – and was particularly significant.
  • Now BiS is aiming for 60% by end of January 2021.

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