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Pensions in an Independent Scotland is an important topic. And it’s important that we think through the implications for our pensions well before Scottish Independence Day. If we don’t, there may not be an independence day. Because Scots of pension age are still be convinced about the benefits of leaving the UK. So Yes Kirkintilloch, […]

This week’s Yes Spotlight ….comes courtesy of Glasgow Pensioners4Indy who invited Isobel Lindsay to speak about what advance thinking needs to be done on the possible security threats and how to defend ourselves against those. Having a nuclear arms base and a nuclear warhead store on the Clyde is one threat facing an iScotland but […]

Yes Corner is a series of live broadcasts hosted by William Thomson. And he invited some of our IndyLive Radio Team to join him. William asked about how the radio station got started and how we got involved, and what we do. About the ways in which we reach out to Yes groups, and our […]

Bill Austin worked for over 40 years in UK Customs & Borders services. He advised newly independent nations on best practice in setting up their own services. Now he is an advocate of what Customs & Borders services could be like in an independent Scotland. Clue: they’d be much better than the current UK setup. […]

Stephen Gethins, formerly SNP MP for Northeast Fife, has been talking to a wide range of people, both for and against Scottish independence, about Scotland’s place in the world. The outcome of those conversations is his book “Nation to Nation” available now from Luath Press. More recently Stephen has been talking to Yes Groups all […]