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Alison Thewliss MP Interview

Written by on 14th December 2020

……. Westminster and Brexit Britain

Our Daytime Show team, Val Gauld and Marlene Halliday, recently interviewed Alison Thewliss, MP for Glasgow Central. They opened by asking her what it’s like working down in the Commons at this time of Brexit legislation, Brexit negotiations, Brexit deadlines, level-playing fields and fishing quotas.

You can listen to the interview here:
Some of the things we talked about with Alison:
Brexit Britain
  • What’s it like living through this Brexit Bourach down in Westminster?Where legislation which should have a lot of detailed discussion is being wheeched through the Commons?
  • Suppliers in Scotland don’t know on what conditions they will have to trade and that has implication for their chains of supply, eg Glasgow butcher who sends his sausages over to Northern Ireland
  • What about Gove’s insinuation that an Indy Scotland will face strong customs regulations at the Border?
  • Westminster is making things difficult. Scotland has been completely ignored, even when we tried to negotiate staying in customs union.
  • From point of view of an indy scotland, is a no-deal any less or more preferable than a very thin deal? Or is neither is going to be able to meet Scotland’s needs?
Can ScotGov hope to continue mitigating UKGov policies?
  • Westminster is refusing to make the £500 bonus to Scottish frontline workers tax -free. And the Welsh Government have asked for same tax disregard and also are being refused. Is there anything in the Treasury’s response that Scotland controls tax levels and it’s up to ScotGov to sort this?
  • Two Child Benefits Cap and the Rape Clause and the effect these are having on women’s life decisions. There is now evidence that these policies are a factor in the increase in numbers of abortions for women facing a third pregnancy.
  • Can Scot Gov mitigate any of these effects? They have brought in the Child Payment scheme. But the Benefits Cap affects Child Tax credits and we have no power to mitigate that. It’s the UK Gov alone which has power to change this policy.
  • Many Private Care Homes are registered offshore in tax havens and have poor management. Has she any comment on that and the knock on effects from it on the covid situation?
  • What are her impressions of the situation for asylum seekers since the Covid lockdown? Given the deportations which are now happening and length of time Home Office takes to make decisions.