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Yes West Fife Spotlight- Road Map To Independence

Written by on 30 August 2020

A Road Map To Independence by Craig Dalzell

This is the latest from our new series of programmes where we shine a spotlight on Yes Groups from around the country.

Yes West Fife asked Craig Dalzell, Head of Research at Commonweal, to talk to them on the various possible pathways to independence. We’re all familiar with the Section 30 Pathway but it’s not the only possibility. Listen to Craig’s talk here:

There was a very lively Q&a Session after Craig’s talk.

Here’s a sample:

  • What might change Boris’ mind about granting a section 30
  • The English electorate are coming round to an Indy England with almost 50% support, might this persuade Boris that Scottish Independence would actually do him some political good?
  • And how does Martin Keatings’ court case fits into your scheme?
  • But do all these alternatives have difficult consequences for business?and investment in Scotland?
  • Could devolution be pulled completely if we go down your road map?
  • Are the SNP listening to these sorts of ideas from yourself and to Commonweal
  • Is the Referendum Bill recently passed by Holyrood a way of allowing the independence question to be put to Scottish Public?
  • Who do you think is best placed to organise and lead this increased pressure campaign?
  • Can this sort of road map push the SNP be into a plebiscite election? or is  it that incompatible with an election?
  • What about the formation of AFI and ISP, is this a good idea? or does it split the vote?
  • Who is involved in the SNP commonweal group?
  • Why are the Green Party not charging ahead in the polls?
And you can listen to all of the Q&A session from after Craig’s talk here:

Once again, thank you to Yes West Fife for sharing your event with us.