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Yes Southside: Customs, Excise and The Border

Written by on 17 November 2020

A Modern Customs & Excise Service for an Independent Scotland. Everything you need to know about Borders and Customs…. from an expert, Bill Austin.

Yes Southside Glasgow asked Bill Austin to speak at their inaugural online meeting. He spoke about “Borders and Customs” and then answered lots of very pertinent questions from the Southsiders.

You can listen to the event here:

Lots of great questions, including

  • do we really not get credited with whisky revenues if it’s exported through an English port? (Spoiler: that’s correct)
  • how would we protect food standards if low standard food was brought in from England? (Spoiler: by setting up an modern Customs & Excise Service fully integrated with our Government’s revenue policies and objectives)
  • how many customs posts and officers would an independent Scotland need? (Spoiler: about 800 high skill jobs)
  • would there need to be a hard Border between the Tweed and the Solway? (Spoiler: No. We’ll have a Smart Border.)

Bill used a set of illustrations for his talk. Here they are:

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Bill has co-authored reports on a future Scottish Customs & Excise Service. One is about to be published by Scottish Independence Convetnion. One is already published as part of Commonweal’s Policy Papers Project. Click on the image below to find out more.

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